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Why should we register a trademark?

Trademark registration is an effective way to protect a brand’s exclusive right and to prevent the loss from the unfair practices in competition, which is protected by law. It not only improves the degree of recognition for the brands, but also the first step for the brand to capture the Chinese market.

How to register a trademark?

Trademark Registretion

Registration Schedule

  • The trademark office shall accept the notice about 4 months.
  • Preliminary examination announcement period will be 3 months.
  • The trademark office will complete the preliminary examination since receiving the application for registration within 9 months
  • Entire time to complete the registration is about 12-18 months.
Informal trademark, which means your trademark’s application has been filed to the CCIB and entered the objection period. In this phase, you have the priority right to use the trademark and this will help you to prevent the duplicated application for the mark.
A mark means that your trademark has been registered and pass the audit of the CCIB.This means that the trademark is protected by law and any business or individual can’t use it without the permission and authorization of you.
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