Connecting your Brand to the Chinese market!

What’s the purpose of the testing?

By testing the sales market in China, the overseas brands will gain a comprehensive market feedback, report and pricing data. There are 4 main channels of testing: cross-border e-commerce platform, smaller chains, individual dealers and other micro-channel marketing.

How to start the testing?

step 1

Provide basic information of brand and products


Consumers in China will never buy your products without these information:

  • Brand’s introduction/ market share of original country
  • Brand’s logo
  • Product’s photo/ details description/ price
You may upload your information here by regiter a Brandyond account.

step 2

Prepare certain stock of products in China.

(7-14 DAYS)

Suggested quantity of the stock: 1 PALLTET (at least)
Certificate is unnecessary for this part, there are 2 solutions for you to
prepare the stock:

Solution 1.

Ship products to us by the local international express company.

This choice is the fastest one for goods to arrive China about 5-7 days, while you may pay a high rate for the shipping and face the risk of high
customs fee.

Delivery Address
  • Address:     Room 207 208,2th Floor,Nan Fung International Convention&Exhibition Center,Xingangdong Road,Haizhu District,Guangzhou,China
  • Consignee: Obfuture Company Limited
  • Receiver:    Chen Siming
  • Tel:             020-29002949
Prepration before shipping

  • Choose a reliable
    express company

  • Provide commercial

  • Offer the
    packing list

Suggestion for this section:

If the parcel is urgent, DHL and Fedex will be suggested cause they have a strong dealing ability for the import issue in China.
Please keep the total value of the parcel below: 5000RMB, or you may have to undertake a heavy customs in China. (Value of goods and shipment fee)

If you want send the sample less then 1 pallet to us, there are the tips for free-charged of customs: valule of parcel under 50 RMB or marked as gift.

Solution 2

Ship products to the tarriff-free zone.

The biggest advantage for this way is much lower rate of customs and easier to clearance about 2-3 days. While you need to register at the costoms in advance before the shipping about 2 weeks. We will help you to do the registration .

(Tarriff-free zone: It is free-charged of customs when you send the products to the zone, it regards as outside China’s border even when the products have arrived China. The customs fee will happen only when you products doing the clearance, and good’s value below 500RMB are FREE CHARGED for the customs.)

Hide Delivery Address

For a safer consideration for your goods,
please contact us to get the address.

Hide Prepration before shipping

  • Choose an economy to ship
    the products to the zone

  • Register with

This process is free charged and will take about 2 weeks. While it takes only 2-3 days for goods to finish the whole customs clearance. You may start the register before the shipment. Officially, you need to provide the basice information for the registration

You may contact our stuff for more details:

step 3

Start the testing.

(7 DAYS)

The testing will take place at the same time in our main trial sale channels:

  • Leading E-commerce platform
  • Offline channels
  • Macro-channel marketing
  • Retails channel

step 4

Pricing / Report / Feedback

(2-3 DAYS)

We will help brands to make a pricing according to the testing result and report the brands with a actual feedback.

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