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Brandyond, your solution to China market !

2015-02-02 Tags: brandyond

Brandyond, your solution to China market ! (Online platform + Offline exhibition)

Brandyond, is a "dictionary" for Chinese to learn the overseas brands who are targeting China market. Your brand's history, background and specialty are the key points to attract Chinese buyers. However, get this informaiton in Chinese-language is always the first step.

Brandyond is not only playing a role as your "Official brand's page for China market" , but also an online wholesale place of overseas products in China.

Our mission is simple:connecting World Brands with China Market

At Brandyond, we help international brands to develop brand recognition in china.The chinese buyers seeks information on brandyond in order to understand more about the history and culture of your brand and product. We do this by creating great platform and making it accessible to brands that previously wouldn't get chance to enter china's market.

We are a team of highly dedicated individuals who share two things: a passion for creativity, and a commitment to solve problem .

Our Vision:become International Business Facilitator

Brandyond will be your business facilitator and we assist and support the top 500 quality brands of each country and the top 500 Chinese serive Industries such as Import Agents, Sales Representatives,Online platforms, Offline display, Outsourcing, Business trips and Public serivice.

Our Service:

Our platform lets users easily and quickly set up their own brand online, without all the technical work involved in developing their own website. You can use Brandyond to manage all aspects of your brands: build up brands' image, uploading products...

More than that, users of brandyond can enjoy the following service:

  • Online Platform

  • Mobile APP

  • Trade shows promotion

  • Brands Recommendation Events

  • [We-Agent] & [Sales Ambassador]

  • Permanent Showroom

We built Brandyond to take the hassle out of running a Chinese brand website, developing valiable china local promotion and attending trade shows, so our client can focus on what they do best: building their brands and making the best products.

Meet the Brandyond team